Belgium Tartare Sauce 500 ML

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Is a traditional sauce of French cuisine, which contains mayonnaise and mustard, along with capers, olives, onions and radish. This sauce is frequently used as a seasoning for dishes, for seafood, fish or chicken wings
Produce in Belgium
Expiry date October 16, 2021
Ingredientes: Agua, 32.3% aceite de nabo, almidones (trigo (sin gluten++), tapioca), 3% yema de huevo, vinagre, azúcar, mostaza (agua, semillas de mostaza, vinagre, sal, antioxidantes (SIN 224 (sulfitos)), regulador de acidez (SIN 330)), sal, dextrosa, glucosa (Jarabe de glucosa, jarabe de azúcar invertido), 0.4% cebollas, regulador de acidez (SIN 270), 0.3% perejil, conservante (SIN 202, SIN 211), espesantes (SIN 412, SIN 415), sal de apio (sal dextrosa, apio, extracto de levadura, extracto de apio), colorante (SIN 160a), especias, antioxidante (SIN 385)
Puede contener trazas de soya y leche.++<20ppm


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