ECOFILTRO 5.8 Liters

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Ecofiltro is an environmentally friendly solution of pure clean water. It has lower environmental impact than bottled water or boiled water.

The filtering unit is produced out of 3 natural materials, clay, sawdust and colloidal silver. Together these materials have the following characteristics:
Clay creates micro channels within the inner walls of the filtering unit and catches all contaminants that the water contains, such as solids, BACTERIA AND PARASITES.
Sawdust becomes activated carbon and removes the bad smell, taste and turbidity of water coming from any source (stream, river, well, lake or pond).
Colloidal silver is impregnated on the surface of the ceramic filter after it has been fired in the kiln. Colloidal silver is a bactericide used worldwide to purify water and has no side effects. This serves as a second protector to neutralize the contaminants.

Good for family of 5-6 people
Winner of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Award

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