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Emsal Care with bionic impregnation for cleaning and care of parquet and wooden floors. Bionics - Nature shows how it works: The leaf of the water lily has perfect protection from moisture - water simply runs off.

Emsal uses the same technique in it´s BIOPROTECT Anti moisture formula.

Emsal for Parquet floors provides excellent anti-swell protection for parquet and wooden floors and especially for joints and edges. Ideal for all kinds of parquet and wooden floors: sealed, oiled, waxed.

Can be used for the following floors:
• Sealed parquet.
• Oiled and waxed wood floors.
• Ideal for finished parquet (follow manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions).
Regular care and cleaning (diluted application). • Add 2 Emsal parquet plugs to a bucket of warm water (5 liters). • Clean the floor with a slightly damp, well wrung cloth. •

Note: Avoid getting the floor too wet. Initial application and retreat with undiluted solution:
• Turn off underfloor heating and allow floor to cool.
• Remove old layers of polish and stubborn dirt with Emsal Power prior to each application without dilution.
• Apply undiluted emsal parquet onto a damp, lint-free cotton cloth and rub evenly over the floor, covering one section at a time. • Allow to dry completely, do not walk on the surface until it is dry.

NOTES: • Store out of the reach of children. • Protect against freezing


Environment Friendly & Free of Harmful Chemicals


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