Frosch Stain Remover & Prewash Spray 500 ML

$ 4.20

FroschPre-wash & Stain remover Spray is for quick and effective pre-wash treatment.
It improves also stain-removal and washing power during the washing cycle. Frosch Pre-wash & Stain remover Spray has a powerful VEGAN formula that works on plant-based ingredients with same effect than well known Gallseife/ ox-gall-soap.
Frosch Pre-wash & Stain remover Spray removes any kinds of stains such as fat, oil, lipstick, make-up, chocolate, sauces, vegetables and fruits.
Suitable for all kind of textiles, white and colored laundry, except silk
Environment Friendly, Made With: Free of Harmful Chemicals, Natural Active Ingredients, Only Surfactants from renewable plant based origin, Skin Friendly, Dermatologically tested, Vegan, Free from animal-derived ingredients


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